About Us

About Us

Sabri Helpage is a formally registered Non-Profit Organisation founded in the year 2013, truly independent of business, religion or political groups. Kolkata, West Bengal, INDIA is the global Head Office of the organisation. Sabri Helpage stands firmly behind the prohibition of discrimination. It is founded on the principles of equality, altruism and voluntary work spirit to promote human and global development.

Helpage tackle the issues related to Child Rights, Women Empowerment, Elderly Care, Environment Conservation, and Educating an individual or people in a group for the over all development & advancement of society. We monitor and investigate human rights and abuses with meticulous precision and tenaciously pursue accountability. We stand shoulder to shoulder with human rights defenders to uphold the dignity of all person and does not discriminate on sex, age, gender, religious affiliation, nationality, ethnic background, culture or language.

Helpage has a record of real achievements. We are known for our role in development by creating awareness among the people and interventions, if required. We believe in accountability, trustworthiness, honesty and openness to every individual or organisation who has invested time, money and faith into us.

Vision ::

To become more effective and efficient, making best use of resources. In times to come Sabri Helpage would continue to play a significant role in helping large section of society to come out from the quagmire of poverty and distress.

Small acts , when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world !!!