Environment Conservation

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Environment Conservation

In the fast growing society, often we overlook a vital or key points on how we achieve our status today, and it is due to our environment. We are in debt with the nature, as it was the one that provides our raw material to construct and develop our current consumer items like those from what we eat to things that provides us happiness like our gadgets and other materials.

Generally, we have to keep it in our mind that protecting the environment and keeping the balance of ecosystem is a serious business. In the past few years we have seen the effect of human activity that puts thousands of lives into danger due to aggressive land transformation affecting great number of forests, along with the reducing population of animals that leads to extinction of some due to uncontrolled human hunting. If we take this issue for granted, the potential of upcoming threat of natural disaster lies open widely for us and towards to next generation. We need to maximize our effort to reduce our toxic waste and manage properly our resources, in these ways we can assure a bright future to the young ones.

As we all know trees are of great significance. Tree plantation programs has immense importance.We should not depend on nature for natural plantation. Rather we have to plant these willingly.The plantation of trees will keep our lives free from different disasters. Thus tree plantation means our smooth existence.

Communication & awareness is the main medium to change people’s action and behaviour towards the environment.

Efforts towards the prevention includes:

  • Encourage more and more creation of park in order to make environment healthy and clean.
  • Encourage and conduct river cleaning and protection programmes from dirty water and filth.
  • Create awareness to change the practice of poor driving and get vehicles checked from emitting smoke.
  • Conduct special cleanliness drives and Create awareness regarding dispose of waste,If we do not want to turn our environment into a garbage heap in the process.
  • Create awareness to not waste our natural resources as it might be the cause of decline of our life support system for us and future generations too.
  • Encourage and conduct Vanamahotsava Programme OR Tree plantation programmes to plant more and more tree in order to contribute environment conservation.
  • Make uses of visuals media which communities are familiar with such as online videos, street plays, rallies, marathons, puppet shows, debates etc.